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SPARCS X WING Session 2023

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SPARCS X WING Session Introduction

On September 16th, 2023, two of the most prominent student developer associations, SPARCS from KAIST and WING from GIST, came together for a session.

Sessions #

  1. SPARCS 권진현 - about KAIST bootcamp, 몰입캠프
  2. SPARCS 권순규 - Jailbreaking and Tweaking
  3. GIST 최익준 - become a real React developer
  4. SPARCS 권순호 - Biseo, creating End-to-end Typesafe code base
  5. GIST 이보성 - Flutter DevOps
  6. SPARCS 황인준 - Ara moving from cloud to on-premise
  7. SPARCS 박지호 - OTL service outrage incident
  8. GIST 정재홍 - Over-Engineering