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1st GIST X GDSC Hackathon; GIST Attendance

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Presentation material (GIST Attendance.pdf)

Problem definition #


Compared to other universities, GIST does not have a large number of students. Nevertheless, in the case of popular subjects, more than 100 people gather in the main auditorium as shown above to take the class. In this case, because there are so many people, attendance check is often replaced with a Google form. However, because Google Forms can be filled out even without attending class, there have been cases of abusing attendance check using Google form.

Of course, we believe student’s own conscience is the most important factor in cheating when attending lectures, but our team wanted to prevent cheating itself in advance and at the same time create an attendance check system that is more structured and efficient than Google Form.

Service flow #

service flow

The service flow is fairly straightforward, as shown in the picture above. The Golang backend server parses the user’s GPS and Wifi Network address to verify that the user is in the correct location. Additionally, the Request/Response payload is obfuscated to prevent additional forgery.

Service architecture #


Demo #

Source Code #

Special thanks to Our team !!

team photo